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Bohemian Rhapsody At 40

October 31, 2015

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Fascinating documentary featuring Roger Taylor, Brian May and Queen studio engineer Justin Shirley Smith discussing the making and history of their hit single Bohemian Rhapsody. Discover how the band took numerous risks and defied their record label to produce what many consider their Magnum Opus. Watch the video >>>


The best managers are willing to do every job. Bracken Darrell at Logitech shares the best advice he ever received. See if you agree. I sure do.


Which social media platforms are best for your B2B or B2C? You will greatly appreciate the tips digital strategist Deepak Goel offers in this concise article. The Facebook engagement ideas alone are worth the 3 minutes to read the piece.


How big an issue is mobile phone distraction/addiction for you? How are you most likely to be caught by it? This article from Christianity Today explores how exercising wisdom as we interact with our cellphones could be one of the most important spiritual disciplines.

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Tiltify is a new fundraising platform making a splash in the gaming community. Might this be the future of fundraising? How can broadcast ministries and radio stations use this technology to our advantage? Here’s the story from Forbes.

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DASH 3.0 is coming up next week in Detroit. To get you ready for the event, here’s Ed Ryan and Fred Jacobs with a short webinar called “The Six Big Things You’ll Learn At DASH About The Connected Car.” Radio can stay relevant in the automobile for years to come. Learn how >>>

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I absolutely love stories like this. BBC Radio host Alex Dyke invited a 95-year-old listener who was missing his wife to join him for coffee at the radio station. How will your station or organization go the extra mile today? Read the full story.


This is probably my favorite headline ever. But what practices can you use for creating effective headlines on LinkedIn achieving better audience engagement? In this short video from Daniel Roth (Executive Editor of LinkedIn) you’ll learn how headlines bring people into your posts and why conversational titles work best.

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally adopts AM revitalization plan. This could add significant value to stations looking to sell translators. The new rules allow for current translators to be moved up to 250 miles. Read the details here.

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These are the docs who saved the voices of Adele, Sam Smith and others. Most of us in radio have had vocal issues at one time or another. If you need help with your throat problems read more at

I especially appreciated the tip about Ginger Tea.