Could This Be The Future of Sharathons?

October 28, 2015

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Tiltify is a new fundraising platform making a splash in the gaming community. Might this be the future of fundraising? How can broadcast ministries and radio stations use this technology to our advantage? Here’s the story from Forbes.

Bryan Race

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Inspiring people to fund life-changing ministries and projects is my business. Currently, I'm the Director of Development at Victory 91.5 in Atlanta, GA. I'm a highly motivated, dedicated and creative radio professional with over 34 years of experience in multiple formats. Expertise in all aspects of station management, programming and personality driven radio. I'm committed to building brand loyalty by forging vital, lasting relationships with listeners, donors and the community. I graduated with multiple honors from TFC in 1996 and have also has done Master's work at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. My areas of expertise include: Donor Development, Public Relations, Audio and Video Production, Fundraising, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Strategies, Email Marketing, and Public Speaking.