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What’s missing from this picture? Something we’re addicted to? This photo from Eric Pickersgill was one of the week’s highlights in the world of social media. Click here to see the biggest ideas, most talked about trends, productivity tips, and how to suck at social media.


You may want to print and save this article for next year as Veterans Day is almost upon us. Many of the tips for effective campaigns will take some “lead time” to maximize the impact of your organization’s efforts. Our vets deserve our best as we seek to honor them. Are there any additions you would make to Marijane’s list?


As we approach fundraising at the end of the year remember to incorporate “matching gifts” into your appeals. There are benefits for your organization and more importantly your donors. This article from is a good starting point. Check out the matching gifts page for the ministry I represent.


The Crimson Tide is my second favorite football team behind UGA. Okay, they are my third because I do like Auburn. This season they are the only team I can still pull for in the hunt for the championship. Regardless of whether you like Alabama or not, there’s no denying that the teams success is traceable to coach Saban’s leadership. Monte Burke who wrote “Saban: The Making Of A Coach,” shares the top 9 leadership lessons he observed about Nick while writing the book. The story behind #5 is quite humorous.


One way to survive tough times is to realize how much you are going to learn and change for the better as you go through the difficulties. Which of the 9 things no one told you about difficult times has proven true in your life? Number 2 and 7 resonate with me.


When people share stories that depict the indomitably of the human spirit – overcoming the physical and mental challenge of climbing Mount Everest, surviving in a war-torn country, conquering a potentially fatal illness – listeners and admirers can’t help but wonder two things: “Where did they get the strength to endure and fight?” and “If I were in their shoes, how could I have coped?” – See more about facing adversity and thriving in spite of it in this post by Douglas E. Castle.


I’ve recently started supporting a local pregnancy resource center with weekly donations. The organization is quick to send me a “thank you” card with a note about who came in to see them for counseling (anonymously of course) and how to pray for them. I love getting these cards! They go on my refrigerator as a reminder of the importance of the donations and the people those gifts are impacting. Here’s a short article to get your organization thinking along these lines and ready for acknowledging your supporters during the “givingest” time of the year. Read on >>>

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Paul Taylor discusses the “new transparency” companies should employee in their social media. He says it can improve trust among your team and customer base and might even lead to finding more business. I think it’s important for broadcasters to consider social media as more than just another “broadcasting” platform. See if you agree.

Tara Hunt, whose expertise is in social marketing, took to YouTube to find her next gig. Discover why the old methods of searching for a job are breaking down and how to create new opportunities for yourself. Watch the video above or click here for a more detailed story.