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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally adopts AM revitalization plan. This could add significant value to stations looking to sell translators. The new rules allow for current translators to be moved up to 250 miles. Read the details here.

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These are the docs who saved the voices of Adele, Sam Smith and others. Most of us in radio have had vocal issues at one time or another. If you need help with your throat problems read more at

I especially appreciated the tip about Ginger Tea.

Radio production for the September 25, 2013 concert at Toccoa Falls College.

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At the top of the list are the areas where radio is most vulnerable. The items at the bottom are the most defensible positions, least vulnerable positions.

* Favorite Musicblaupunkt-internet-radio

* Soundtrack – Background Music

* Entertainment

* NOW – Immediacy

* Inform & Educate

* Changing Your Mood

* Discovery – Something You Haven’t Heard Before

———— (The pendulum begins to swing to more defensible positions below this line)

* Culture Immersion

* Companionship

* Easy Convenience

* Local

* Belonging

* Betterness – Makes My Life Better

* Star Access

Courtesy of Mark Ramsey and “Hivio – The Radio Ideas Festival”.

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New Music Spotlight Aircheck

February 28, 2013