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Matt Collins Guardian article on fundraising proclaimed, “A recent report found that entrepreneurs say social media is a waste of time, with no discernible impact on their sales, and I believe the same could be said for charities.” Matt’s conclusion is that resources should be allocated to avenues where the donations are generated. Has your ministry seen a good return on investment for the time and money you’ve spent soliciting funds through social media? Carlos Miranda in a reaction piece to Matt’s post contends, “Telling charities to step away from social media is short-sighted.” Ignore digital natives at your own peril he warns, Continue Reading…


Building relationships with the donors to your non-profit is key to obtaining their help. There is still time to work on those relationships during this important time in the fundraising calendar. Claire Axelrad offers some timely reminders in her excellent blog post¬†on the topic. The section on “donation landing pages” for websites is especially instructive.


I’ve recently started supporting a local pregnancy resource center with weekly donations. The organization is quick to send me a “thank you” card with a note about who came in to see them for counseling (anonymously of course) and how to pray for them. I love getting these cards! They go on my refrigerator as a reminder of the importance of the donations and the people those gifts are impacting. Here’s a short article to get your organization thinking along these lines and ready for acknowledging your supporters during the “givingest” time of the year. Read on >>>