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year end giving

If you have not written your end-of-year fundraising letter or you still have some last-minute appeals to write for email or your website, then these strategies are for you. Iris Sutcliffe offers up 4 “best practices” to make your donors want to take time to read and respond to your request. She also offers a free guide to help your appeals cut through the clutter and inspire generosity from your supporters.


Building relationships with the donors to your non-profit is key to obtaining their help. There is still time to work on those relationships during this important time in the fundraising calendar. Claire Axelrad offers some timely reminders in her excellent blog post¬†on the topic. The section on “donation landing pages” for websites is especially instructive.


As we approach fundraising at the end of the year remember to incorporate “matching gifts” into your appeals. There are benefits for your organization and more importantly your donors. This article from is a good starting point. Check out the matching gifts page for the ministry I represent.